Agents Competition: "Run a Node and get $1000!"

10x80E0D8B3D4cAFBe86A6C44e6FE59294d14Ec867333.89243 PRIX
20xac2Ddd111247E5F4aaA88F89056d93F25fdD5cAE25.0706 PRIX
30x92E065B0acE731F5Bf2f6283385969c05F9f481424.78127393 PRIX
40x814c3B60394bE0c8794Db6808b6D41177CA6b5F324.3474 PRIX
50xF8d29E345BFBbF92294c9fdF69eB638dC1e17Ee719.24195858 PRIX
60x2585Ce116655a1F05F9099ffbF2175AAa99648e712.6134 PRIX
70x667dBc1f97953fE2169de0C3b836D1b697e076C710.59534681 PRIX
80x61f861dB3b858884103C63866F665b14E18914B98.61725 PRIX
90x3680c4Ad53B6CF8AD34ABE526427b3Be6D1181047.5494 PRIX
100xCbF2fc1cD2a64E10afF08379F119f45CaeA0f7696.1702 PRIX

General terms:

  • The competition for is for Agents (Traffic providers) on Mainnet only
  • The winner is determined by total revenue in PRIX
  • The first place rewarded with $1000 worth of ETH or PRIX
  • The second and third places rewarded with $500 each
  • The payment sent within a week to the Agent ETH account only
  • Start date: Mainnet release date
  • End date: 1 Sep 2019 (23:59:59 UTC)
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